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Radical Software:

Suitable for novice and advanced users, FireTorrent allows you to download torrents without the hassle of a 3rd party application. The result is a great user experience that is attractive to both people that are new to downloading torrents and advanced users.

 The FireTorrent plugin includes the very latest technologies and standards to ensure that your download completes quickly and reliably, including advanced features such as STUNT connections, uPnP NAT traversal, and uTorrent compatible peer exchange
Version 2.0.3 fixed crash with recent Firefox version on Windows.

Version    2.0.3
Filename    firetorrent-2.0.3-fx-win.xpi
Publisher    Radical Software
License    Free
Price    No
OS    Windows Me, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows Vista, Windows XP
Requirements    Not available
Limits    Not available
Category    • Internet Software •
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